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Political Season 2023-24

As filing begins this week, political campaigns are launching around the state. Here are some helpful resources to getting a campaign job in Texas...

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147 Jobs for 12/04/23

Two Governor's office jobs in Austin. Agency leadership, programmatic roles. GR Specialist at state agency. 3 lobby jobs in Austin, 3 in DFW, 1 in Houston. Great crop of Comms roles for corporate and higher ed. San Antonio, Remote sections represent!

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160 Jobs for 11/29/23

Senate, agency GR, agency comms in Austin. Tons of political roles around the state. 10 GR and policy jobs total. Especially good muni roles in every city. Librarians, journalists galore. Good selection of legal roles today too.

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34 Jobs for 11/24/23

Gov's Office role in Austin. Writers, communicators in Austin. Govt. Affairs, communications in North TX. City Council Asst. in Houston. Communications, journalism in Houston. Public relations, communications in San Antonio.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m grateful for your business, and I wish for your career opportunities to be as bountiful as today’s feast.

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149 Jobs for 11/21/23

Jobs with TX Gov, Lege, agencies leadership. Political & GR jobs in Austin, Houston and San Antonio. Unusually good College Station jobs. San Antonio: Lobbyist, Comms, Librarian roles. South Texas, West Texas have unusually strong openings. Major Lobbyist role in Remote section.

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30 Jobs for 11/17/23

Communications for a TX Senator in Houston. Strategic Engagement for a State agency in Austin. PR VP in Austin. Association heads in Austin. Communications roles in Dallas and Houston. Marketing job in Fredericksburg. Good Reporter job in South Texas. Political roles around the state.

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112 Jobs for 11/15/23

LBB Analysts in Austin. Major radio show producer in Austin. Four great communications roles in Austin. Favorite nonprofits hiring in Dallas. Communications roles for the county, city in Houston. Chief of Staff to a University President. Govt Relations and Policy roles in San Antonio.

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24 State Jobs for 11/14/23

Two staff roles in TX Gov's Office. Communications for a major State agency. Reference Librarian for the big library of Texas. Four agency legal roles. Handbook Editor for state agency, REMOTE.

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